Create a Balanced, Responsible Budget

Megan is ready to bring stability to the budget crisis. At home, at work, and as a small business owner, she knows how to cut through waste and make sure that budgets reflect priorities.

Confront the Opioid Epidemic

Megan has been fighting for Webster families. In 2017, she organized Webster’s first Narcan training at the Webster Library and the 50-person registration limit was quickly met. The community is fighting, and so should its leaders.

Bring Good Jobs to Monroe County

Good jobs are critical to quality of life in our community. Megan is ready to advocate for investment in Webster and Monroe County.

Advocate for Family Support Programs

Early Intervention services are critical, and in June 2019 Monroe County had 200children on a waiting list. As a mother, Megan knows how crucial the first few years of life are for development.