Why I’m Running A Write-In Primary Campaign

The election on June 25th will determine which candidate will be listed on the Independence Party ballot line in November. I believe my values of transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility make me the best candidate.

In January, I went through the process to be endorsed by the Democratic and Working Families Party. There was no apparent process to do the same for the Independence line. They had already endorsed candidates, and 92% were Republicans. It is possible that cronyism played a part in these decisions, as the Chair of the Independence Party is a top recipient of appraiser contracts from the Republican-controlled County Legislature.

I wanted Independence voters to have a choice, so I collected 75 signatures from Independence Party members to add a write-in line to the ballot. At the doors I heard the same concerns over and over- cronyism, lack of transparency, the opioid epidemic, a budget crisis. I look forward to representing all of the constituents of Monroe County’s District 8 as your County Legislator, and I hope you will choose me to represent you as the Independence Party Candidate by writing in “Megan Thompson”.